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How to build your first Website
Before we proceed with this project, keep in mind that your visitors’ trends are:

• Average Requests Per Visit: Less than 2.5 pages
• Average Time Per Page: Less than 60 seconds

This means that the website needs to be as simple as possible, NOT necessarily fewer pages.

This is the basic information we need from you to build your website:

Let me know several selections of domain names that you like.
You can determine if a domain name is currently available at Domain name search

The first choice:
The second choice:
The third choice:

The FIRST PAGE, also known as the HOME PAGE.
This is the most important page to attract visitors. Include on the home page:
  1. Your logo for the website. Try to make it simple and small.

  2. What is this website about? Include keywords (Examples: Gardens, Birds, Photography).

  3. Use five to six small pictures of your work so visitors can see your work and your specialties (Examples: Flower Beds, Bird Feeders, Mountain Photo).

  4. Include one or two pictures of your storefront or inside the store showing merchandise.

  5. Include your business name, complete address, phone number and email address. Usually this information will be on one line and is placed both on the top and bottom of every page.

usually shows pictures of your work. For example, for gardens, share a “before” and “after” picture of a landscape garden. For birds, show pictures of bird books, available bird seed, bird feeders. For photography, show pictures that highlight your specialties and creativeness. These examples allow the visitor to click on a particular image and see samples of your work or products. You can add unlimited pages when needed. For now, we need to make the basic website. Pictures for your pages should be minimized.


  1. This page is like your resume. State who are you and your experiences relevant to the business or product.

  2. Your portrait photo (head and shoulder).

  3. One or two of your favorite pictures of you at work or in your business environment.

  4. You can include information about your hobbies or interests. Personalize this page.

has one of two options.
  1. This can simply be your business name, complete address, phone number and email address.

  2. A contact form to be completed by the visitor. Visitors typically do not enjoy this option due to the number of fields that need to completed. We can discuss which is better for you later.

YOUTUBE VIDEO is another option to consider as it is a good way to advertise your website.

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