Website Creation + Commercial Photography

Sunrise - Claude, Texas. Photo by Shoji  


As a self-employeid individual in 1996, I created Rockystream while living in Amarillo, Texas, USA. I was assisted in my effort by
others They are very talented and close friends of mine.
Thank you for being my friends
with expertise in computer programming, systems engineering, graphic art, commercial photography and English/Japanese language skills. They continue to work for Rockystream as contract staff.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design indicates that creation of web pages for a single website can be viewed on multiple devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. As the size of the display varies, it is expected that the number of words displayed on each line will change but the content remains the same.  *Resize the browser window to see the effect.

Our focus is to increase business opportunities for
self-employed individuals.

Website designers - Graphic artists - Ceramic and Clay artists
Wood carvers - Metal engravers - Photographers - Language translators
Illustrators - Wood crafters - Cell phone repair - Residential contractors
Auto mechanics - Film producers - Craft artisans - Hobby crafters
Painters - Short story writers - Paper crafts - Florists - Videographers
Landscape gardeners - Electricians - Handymen - Hand embroiderer
Farmers - Babysitter - Childcare worker - Jewelry makers - Driver
Standup comedian – Resume writer – Voice over specialist - Repair shop
Professional speaker – Life coach – Career coach – Realtor – Blogger
Freelance writer – Medical doctor – Music tutor – Academic tutor
Party planner – Consultant – Window washer – Dog walker – Salesman
Cook – Pet groomer – Personal trainer – Computer repair technician
Standup comedian – Resume writer – Voice over specialist - Dog Trainer
Cleaning service – Grocery delivery service - Catering service
Radio jockey - Smartphone helper - Caretaker - Drone camera operator
Let us know if your job is not listed here. We are very happy to add it.

Rockystream can provide a complete solution for your Internet presence. We can create a professional website using either the American English or Japanese languages, register your website with major search engines and provide you a monthly report detailing access to your website.

Rockystream's services are offered not only in the United States, but to foreign markets including Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. Your website is transmitted to the world from our web-server station in the U.S.A..

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Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
This Responsive Web Design is created by Shoji, Nakamura, Nagoya, Japan 453